Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Preschoolers

They're cute, dont' you think so? They are our Nursery pupils. This pic was taken last April 2005 during the Recognition Day.

Every end of the school year our school give out medals and ribbons to all students who excelled in their class in order to recognize their good work for the whole school year. The pupils beam with pride as they receive their awards. Their parents are equally proud of the achievements of their child/children.

PNJK-IS Baseball Team

This is our school's baseball team.
The picture was taken last October 2005 during their first baseball game.
Our Japanese benefactor, Mr. Tatsuo Uchida through his foundation
Datu Uchida Development Foundation sent Mr. Yusuke Uchida,
to train our children in baseball.
Mr. Yusuke Uchida studied in Florida Bradmenton Baseball Academy in Miami.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The School building

This is PNJK-IS High School Building.
Our school is located at Angliongto Avenue, Lanang, Davao City, Philippines.

PNJK-IS is run by Filipino-Japanese descendants in Davao City.

The school was registered in 1991 and started its operation in 1992. As of now we already have 1,200 students from the Preschool, Grade Scool and High School.

Japanese language is part of our unique curriculum.